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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

AAC uses non-verbal communication training during the early-language stage, to enable professionals and home users to develop a reasonable and personalized treatment program that may be used for therapy at home. It provides 384 core words for rehabilitation training.

Main Features: 

  • Provides assessments, including body and sensory functions, cognitive functions, language functions (nonverbal expression and communication, and pre-linguistic communication).
  • Four different types of training: Speech-assisted communication training (minimum phonemes), Language-assisted communication training, Language-prosody communication training, Cognitive communication training.
  • Uses multidimensional language modeling and single test technology to monitor the full effect of language rehabilitation.
  • Designed to improve speech, hearing, language, cognition, vocabulary, reading, and functional skills.
  • Assessments for: fine motor ability and range of motion, finger agility, tactile information processing and kinesthetic abilities, fine writing motor ability, perceptual (tactile) input ability, and tactile finger recognition.
  • Cognitive assessments for spatial order, action series, target recognition, graphical reasoning, logical analogy, numerical reasoning, distinguish categories, situational awareness, and cognitive and non-verbal strategies for memory and communication.
  • Language assessment for verbal ability (mouth movement, and pre-linguistic communication).
  • Provides arousal training (visual brain waves induced).
  • Audio-visual arousal, audio-visual interactive voice-activated training, image-assisted communication (alternative, compensatory).
  • 384 standard graphical symbols for social skills training.
  • Creates a personalized plan that demonstrates communication training activities for language awareness, speech and hearing, and emotional training, through audio sounds, images, and graphic and audio editing.
  • Audio-visual induced communication intervention, including low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency, and full frequency training.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Windows 7 SP1 and above.
  • Hard drive with at least 1GB of free space.
  • High-quality microphone (unidirectional dynamic or condensed).
  • Speaker.

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See Manufacturer's website.