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Primary device
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Product Description: 

Amego is a free, Windows-based software program for text-based communication that works with Mind Express, software designed for people with communication challenges. The keyboard with word and sentence prediction allows for fast novel communication. Amego has a large collection of pre-stored phrases and enables users to add or remove their own sentences to the pre-stored phrases.

Main Features: 

  • Five keyboard choices available.
  • Features a large collection of pre-stored phrases.
  • Includes applications for email, SMS, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Manage contacts and calendar, play music, view photos and watch videos.
  • Use of environmental controls and control of other Windows programs or remote control of other PC’s or Mac computers are among some of the other possibilities that Amego offers.
  • Users choose their preferred access method,  such as mouse, joystick, scanning or eye control.
  • Amego will automatically adapt its layout and interface depending on what access method the user has selected.
  • Personalize vocabulary and choose one of four schemes.

Primary Specifications: 

Requires Mind Express software.

More Information: 

See Amego website.