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Blissymbolics is a semantic graphical language designed for people with severe speech and physical impairments that is composed of more than 5,000 authorized symbols. It is a generative language that allows its users to create new symbols - Bliss-characters and Bliss-words - as needed. It is used by individuals with severe speech and physical impairments, but also by others for language learning and support.

Main Features: 

  • Each symbol or Bliss-word is composed of one or more Bliss-characters which can be combined and recombined in endless ways to create new symbols.
  • Bliss-words can be sequenced to form many types of sentences and express many grammatical capabilities.
  • Simple shapes are used to keep the symbols easy and fast to draw and because both abstract and concrete levels of concepts can be represented.
  • Blissymbolics can be applied both to children and adults and are appropriate for persons with a wide range of intellectual abilities.
  • Blissymbols are quick and easy to learn, can be expanded as ability grows, and can be used at a pre-reading level, but are sophisticated enough to allow expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

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