Butterfly 3.5"

Product Description: 

Zoomax pocket size handheld video magnifier Butterfly is designed for the low vision people on the go. Its lightest weight and most compact size allow Butterfly to be hung around the neck or kept in the pocket, handbag or even purse. You may use it to read price label, menu and see things around you anytime conveniently.

Light electronic magnifier: 3.5″ screen + 4.2 ounces

Butterfly is an ideal handheld magnifier for people on the go. Don't worry about where you should place it. Just hang this handy device around the neck or keep it in the pocket when you are out. Take and use it for reading anytime conveniently. It is close at your hand. No finding. Butterfly is smaller than your pocket and lighter than your purse!

One tangibly handy button on the right top of 3.5 inch screen offers the main functions, both magnification and color mode adjustment. It's easy to grip and operate by one hand. When placed flat on the books or photographs, Butterfly promises the comfortable viewing angle with the foldable reading stand. The image of the material can be shot which cannot be reached and read, such as book on the high shelf.

Low vision aid with clear image

The auto-focus camera of Butterfly and image process technology ensure the clear image for visually impaired users. 5 alternative viewing modes make you read comfortably.