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Dialog AAC is an Android application that offers a real environment for development (intuitive, simple and functional) for the creation of tables, structures, and communication books for individuals with verbal language difficulties characteristic, for example, of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The objective of the Dialog system is to improve the quality of life of individuals with this disorder that often results in behavioural problems, given the frustration at the difficulty to understand and be understood.

Dialog AAC is a tool recommended for all individuals with neurodegenerative disorders that temporarily or permanently limit expressive language and/or mobility (ALS, SMA etc.). Dialog AAC uses accessibility interfaces including sensors, eye-tracking, touch screen and face motion.

Main Features: 

  • Assisted Creation of Communication Structures. When you create communication structures, each grid is displayed on the left and each grid connected to it on the right, so the logic pattern being creating is always to hand.
  • Personalisations. Personalise each cell: you can choose its shape, style, content and the actions the cell will carry out once selected by the user (there are more than 50 commands available). You can choose an image from the local memory or internet, use the PACS library or choose an image from a search engine.
  • Accessibility. The user can interact with the App in the various ways chosen during set-up and based on the kind of illness: use the touch selection in one or two-touch mode, or use any sensor connected to the device through scanning (sequential, in blocks, in rows and columns) in manual or automatic mode.
  • PACS. The application is equipped with a PACS (Pictures Animated Communication Symbols) package. In addition to various classic symbols, it includes animated images designed to attract the user’s attention and help him/her to better understand the meaning of the figure s/he is selecting.
  • Multiplatform, Thanks to the multiplatform, you can easily create structures to be used with the Dialog AAC software from your PC and then import them onto your device, export them, and import them onto another. This means that the final user can be given a device with Dialog AAC while the other is being worked on.
  • D-cloud, D-Cloud contains various kinds of multimedia structures, from communication to teaching, which are always accessible, downloadable and ready to use. Download the structures shared by other users for free and use them in your Dialog AAC.

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