Digital Ruler (Generic)

This is not a page for a specific "Digital Ruler". It is a placeholder for the many Digital Ruler that are out on the market. Because there are so many of them, and they are easy to find by doing an internet search, we do not attempt to include them in our database. See the More Information section for suggested search terms to use.

Product Description: 

Digital rulers allow users to measure a given distance or object without needing to visually read and interpret a ruler. Most digital rulers are caliper-style and have two prongs for setting the beginning and endpoints. Users slide the prong across the length of the ruler and then lock it into place, and the device will then digitally display the given distance. 

Main Features: 

These are common features found with this type of product. Not all products will have all features - so look at individual products to find the one that provides the features you need. 

  • Easy-to-read LCD display screen.
  • Easy-glide mechanism.
  • Locking button to set prongs securely in place.
  • High-accuracy measurements.
  • Wireless.

Where To Buy: 

This is a generic entry. This type of product is available from many vendors. Type or paste the following search phrase into your preferred web browser: "digital ruler," "digital caliper measuring ruler."

Options & Accessories: 

  • Some models use both metric and US measurements, as well.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Typically uses 3V rechargeable batteries.

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