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Product Description: 

Elderis' mission is to promote social ties and the autonomy of seniors in their homes. In this context, Elderis develops and markets services welfare, comfort, and safety available on the Internet from the TV, the phone, and the touchpad. The services are only available in France.

Main Features: 

  • The service package proposed by the Elderis Solution can be completely personalized and customized.
  • It is possible to send messages to subscribers, to communicate by video, to display messages, to facilitate contact with partners, and so on. The technical platform can be directly linked to a call center.
  • ELDERIS keeps a social link from the user's home to the outside through the use of a TV, remote control, or touchpad.
  • ELDERIS is an interactive medium for seeing yourself, talking to others, sending messages and being alerted to important and personal things in life, and much more.
  • Simple, familiar hardware, intuitive use.
  • The ELDERIS solution is designed to be easy to use for seniors, those around them, and carers with the easy access connection via the Internet.
  • ELDERIS does not require learning new material, but uses the familiar devices of television and telephone.
  • Users can zap between ELDERIS services and TV programs, at any time.
  • Simplified use with intuitive interfaces.
  • An ergonomic presentation of the menus.

Primary Specifications: 

  • The services are only available in France.

More Information: 

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