Equaleyes Accessibility

Product Description: 

EqualEyes is a family of mobile solutions designed to make smartphones accessible and comfortable for all ages and abilities. It does this by proving smartphones with a homescreen that is simple and clear to use.  It has been designed to contain a portfolio of apps ranging from basic phone features to apps for different users with specific needs. The homescreen and all of the apps have a consistent look and feel, making the device as simple to use as possible.

It runs on Android operating system, leveraging the options an open platform provides. EqualEyes is compatible with any device, from Android version 2.2 onward (Froyo), to the newest (4.4 KitKat).

Main menu or home screen is the first thing you’ll encounter when using the device. Small icons and buttons have been replaced with a clear and easy to use interface. It removes clutter to bring out what is important.

Main Features:

  • It can work as a launcher or an app and has a customisable interface with enlarged buttons and icons.
  • There is voice and tactile feedback
  • It can make phone calls--has SMS facility, phonebook, call log, and dicta-phone
  • It  offers weather, a clock, jokes, a calculator, reminders, and text recognition
  • A light detector can inform the user whether it is a light or dark place.
  • ​There is an app hub with a list of accessible third party apps; advertisement free.


For more information on this product, please refer to this reference website.