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Product Description: 

EyeSpeak is a communication system through the eyes, for people with extreme mobility and communication limitations. EyeSpeak consists of a pair of glasses on which a virtual keyboard is displayed. A micro camera detects the position and the movement of the eyes, identifying at which key the user is looking.No computer is needed.

Main Features: 

  • Users can communicate at any place or physical location, without the need for assistive devices such as a computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Autonomous use: the only help the user needs is someone to put the glasses on the face and press the "ON" button to turn it on.
  • View the Internet, videos, emails and skype with privacy.
  • While communicating or using the Internet, the user of the EyeSpeak can still observe all the surrounding context, through the transparent lens of the device, maintaining a close connection with reality.
  • Components:
    • Augmented Reality Glasses.
    • Controller.
    • Communication Unit: Infrared LEDs, Camera with an eye-tracking interface, Processing Unit, Speaker.
    • Power Unit.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Operating system: Android [4.0.4].
  • Resolution of the EyeSpeak: 960x540 (the same as the EPSON BT-200 glasses).
  • Field of view of the EyeSpeak: approximately 23° (the same as the EPSON BT-200 glasses).
  • Autonomy: approximately 8h.
  • Infrared wavelength: 880 nm.
  • Infrared maximum intensity: 0,16 mW/sr per LED (According to International Regulation).
  • Camera resolution: 320x240.

More Information: 

See manufacturer's website.