EZ Speech PRO

Product Type: 
Device modifier
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $79.99


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Product Description: 

EZ Speech is an app designed for those who have lost their ability to speak but can read, it enables individuals a way to “speak” by either typing or choosing from existing topics and phrases, or by adding new ones.

Main Features: 

  • EZ Speech offers:
    • Typing-to-Speech. Users can type whatever they want to say and press the "Speak" button.
    • Text Saving/Retrieval. Users can create longer paragraphs, or complete speeches and save them for later retrieval.
    • Topic and Phrases. Users can create their customized vocabulary with Topics (e.g., "breakfast") and associated Phrases (e.g., "Good morning", "Would you like a coffee?").
  • EZ Speech comes preloaded with 13 Topics and over 350+ phrases. Users can simply type something and press the "Speak" button or add as many topics and phrases as they like and create a customized vocabulary.
  • Users can add as many Topics (e.g., "Going to the movies") and associated phrases (e.g., "2 tickets please", "large popcorn", "not too much butter please") as they want or need. Unlimited vocabulary.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: 138k.
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up.

More Information: 

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