Product Type: 
Primary device
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $200.00

Product Description: 

The FLipMouse is a replacement for a normal PC mouse/keyboard/joystick that is available as a do-it-yourself construction kit. Instead of moving the mouse device with a hand and clicking with the fingers, it can be controlled by applying very low forces to the mouthpiece (joystick) with the user's lips, fingers or other body parts. 

Main Features: 

  • The clicking functionality can be accomplished by sip- and puff-activities into the mouthpiece or via external switches.
  • All settings and functions of the FLipMouse can be tailored to specific user capabilities or needs.
  • Multiple settings can be stored into the device and changed via desired user actions.
  • Additional features are possible, including built-in environmental control via infrared, an optional Bluetooth-add-on module or complete software-based control of all functions via a serial command interface.
  • Can be used as a full replacement of standard computer input devices and can also be used for accessing smartphones or tablets (via the standard HID support or accessibility features).
  • It can be useful for people with motor disabilities, computer gamers, musicians or people who want hands-free computer access for other purposes.
  • It uses a TeensyLC microcontroller (ARM CortexM0+ architecture) as the main module.
  • Movements of the mouthpiece are measured via FSRs (Force Sensing Resistors), which detect small force applied to the mouthpiece/joystick.
  • The sip/puff actions are detected by a pressure sensor.
  • Via two 3.5mm jack plugs, external momentary switches can be connected and desired actions can be assigned.
  • An IR-receiver module and an IR-LED allow recording and replay of arbitrary infrared remote control commands.
  • Via an add-on module, Bluetooth functionality can be realized.
  • The firmware is based on the Arduino/Teensyduino framework.
  • The firmware implements a composite USB HID device (mouse, keyboard, joystick and a serial port in one device).
  • The mouse and keyboard device classes are used to transmit different keys or mouse actions to the host device.
  • The serial port is used to configure the FLipMouse (or use it as a mouse simulator via AT commands).
  • Multiple configuration settings can be saved (stored in an EEPROM module) and changed via desired user actions.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows.

More Information: 

This product is a freeware software available for free download off of the internet from Github or search for: "FLipMouse".