Product Description: 

GazeTalk is a predictive text-entry system for severely disabled people that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout. The main reason for using such a keyboard layout is that it enables the use of an eye tracker with a low spatial resolution (e.g., a web-camera based eye tracker).

Main Features:

  • type-to-talk
  • writing
  • email
  • web browser
  • Multimedia player
  • PDF reader
  • letter and word prediction, and word completion
  • speech output
  • can be operated by gaze, headtracking, mouse, joystick, or any other pointing device
  • supports step-scanning (new!)
  • supports users with low precision in their movements, or trackers with low accuracy
  • allows the user to use Dasher inside GazeTalk and to transfer the text written in Dasher back to GazeTalk


  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 in English (23 MB)
  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 in Danish (13 MB)
  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 in Italian (16 MB)
  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 in German (15 MB)
  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 in Spanish (3 MB)
  • GazeTalk v.5.2.2 full (all languages, 60 MB)

Primary Specifications:

  • You need to have a recent version of Adobe PDF reader installed in your computer in order to run Gazetalk. 
  • File size ranges from 3-60 MB 


For more information on this product, please refer to the manufacturer's website.