Genlyd 2.0 / Phrase-it 2.0

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Genlyd 2.0 / Phrase-it 2.0 is an alternative communication program from Windows. The program has many colorful and realistic environmental drawings and icons, as well as a functionality that makes it easy to customize the content of the individual user. It is available in 3 editions:

  • Genius 2.0 Standard is usually used by users with a pronounced need for alternative communication.
  • Genlyd 2.0 Professional is the edition for advanced users, as well as for institutions, speech teachers, teachers, etc.
  • Genlyd 2.0 Light is an affordable version designed for private users, who only need to use Genlyd "as it is".

Main Features: 

  • Communication Books: Genlyd can now print the pages in a format that fits different formats of wallets. This makes it possible to make personal communication books.
  • Courses. Learning to utilize the program with a course.
  • Development and adaptation. Customizable because there are no two identical users.

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