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IBG is an interactive communication platform for people with special needs for user-friendly and social IT solutions. IBG gives citizens an overview of everyday information, resources and activities in a clear and activating way, wherever they are.

IBG consists of 11 modules covering the main areas of everyday life - service plan, food plan, activities, meetings, etc. IBG can be accessed via the IBG App from the citizen's mobile devices - smartphone and tablet - and from the large interactive display that is centrally located in the citizens' common area. The screen is the focal point for citizens and staff and is a crucial source of information and planning.

IBG gives citizens peace of mind by making their everyday work predictable and predictable. In addition, the platform supports several development goals within the social area - among other things. strengthening self-reliance and digital skills. A nationwide survey from Social Development Center SUS, for example, demonstrates that IBG gives citizens who are reserved to IT greater courage to use new digital technologies, such as. iPad.

Main Features: 

  • The community provides an overview for citizens, staff and guests. The page presents the house's activities in a clear, inspiring and activating way. And then it's a good signal to the outside because it shows guests that you have a living house.
  • The community shows today's service plan, today's menu, today's activities, today's meetings, news, photo gallery, weather forecasts and itinerary. The Book and Modules modules are accessed via the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can move around in the modules using the easily accessible menubar located at the bottom of the community, so wheelchair users can reach it too.

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