Jumbomausmini / Jumbomausmaxi

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The Jumbomausmin and Jumbomausmaxi are two versions of the same mouse simulator suitable for all people who have problems with normal mice.

Main Features: 

  • The mouse pointer is controlled by pressing the eight different direction keys (top, bottom, right, left and diagonal keys).
  • The built-in snap-in function of the left mouse button (LH key) allows for a fingering operation of the key mouse, thus ensuring the frequently used 'drag and drop function'. A red light indicates the status.
  • An additional built-in double-click function of the left mouse button (button 2L) facilitates the meaningful work especially in people with a disturbance of fine motor skills.
  • There are three individually adjustable mouse cursor speeds available (gray keys: slow, medium, fast). These three speed levels are individually adjustable. The speed selected by the user is indicated by a red light.
  • By using short-stroke keys with a stroke of only 1.6 mm instead of 4 mm as usual, efficient key input is possible.
  • The keys have tactile and acoustic feedback (cracking effect), i.e. the user feels in the finger whether this key has been triggered.
  • The keys are recessed 4 mm in the normal version. This avoids unwanted key presses (e.g. the adjacent key). The depression continues to serve as a finger guide.
  • The deepening of the keys also serves to silence the handball. The hand can be placed over the keypad for relief (tireless work) without the keys being triggered.
  • The keycap labels are made with a mirror print on a glare-free special foil.
  • The grinder is powder coated.
  • The 'mice' are plugged into the PC instead of the normal mouse.
  • Driver software is not necessary for the operation of the devices. All functions are 'hardware-resolved' and can be set on the devices themselves.
  • Both devices completely replace a normal mouse with all functions.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Key size:
    • Jumbomausmini: 22 mm.
    • Jumbomausmaxi: 25 mm.
  • Keypad size (gripping area):
    • Jumbomausmini: approx. 100 mm x 170 mm.
    • Jumbomausmaxi: approx. 120 mm x 195 mm.
  • Key stroke: approx. 1.6 mm (short-stroke keys).
  • Operating force: approx. 0.7 Newton.
  • Device is PS2 compatible. Also included USB compatible with included adapter.
  • Pin assignment: Standard 6 pin mini Din (PS2 plug).
  • Cable length approx. 2.5 m.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Jumbomausmini (smaller buttons).
  • Jumbomausmaxi (larger buttons).

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.