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Primary device
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Product Description: 

Kompaï is a robot designed to assist the elderly, people with disabilities, and others who need special care. The mobile robot talks, understands speech, and can navigate autonomously. It reminds people of meetings, keeps track of shopping lists, plays music, and works as a video conference system for users to talk with their doctors, for example.

Main Features: 

  • It is a mobile and communicative product.
  • It has its "basket," which is the recharging dock that it heads back to when its batteries are low.
  • Equipped with speech, it is able to understand simple orders and give a certain level of response.
  • It knows its position within the house, how to get from one point to another on demand or on its own initiative, and it remains permanently connected to the internet and all its associated services.
  • Its primary means of communication with users is speech.
  • It features an additional touch screen that features simple icons.
  • Provides verification about the status of the people it is monitoring, alerts key individuals, and can call for emergency help.
  • Can manage medical parameters and connect with healthcare professionals.
  • It collects, aggregates, and stores all data from medical devices in the cloud.

More Information: 

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