Medication Reminder (Generic)

This is not a page for a specific "Medication Reminder". It is a placeholder for the many Medication Reminder that are out on the market. Because there are so many of them, and they are easy to find by doing an internet search, we do not attempt to include them in our database. See the More Information section for suggested search terms to use.

Product Description: 

Medication reminder systems allow individuals with cognitive or memory impairments to be alerted when it is time to take a medication dosage. These systems can take the form of a specialized alarm clock, an electronic pill box, or a smartphone app.  

Main Features: 

  • Programmable systems that allow users to input their medication schedule and receive alerts when it is time for a dose.
  • Keeps track of both dosage times as well as which medication to take. Can be helpful for individuals who take multiple medications.
  • Most models are designed to be inclusive of users with low vision and hearing impairments. Display screens are easy-to-read, and the alerts are typically loud and include both visual and auditory feedback. 
  • Some models can be more discrete and may take the form of a wristwatch or other wearable.

Where To Buy: 

This is a generic entry. This type of product is available from many vendors. Type or paste the following search phrase into your preferred web browser: "medication reminder." 

Options & Accessories: 

  • Smartphone apps.
  • Some models are electronic pill boxes that automatically dispense the correct pill at the pre-scheduled time.

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