MindView 7

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Primary device
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Approximate Cost: $365.00

Product Description: 

MindView 7 is a professional mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas. The software features high resolution icons, intuitive menus, and a familiar MS Office 2016 interface, so it is easy to use and quick to learn. Additionally, the program features built-in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for efficiently creating presentations and reports.

Main Features: 

  • Includes a MS Office 2016 interface, giving users a familiar environment while working on their mind maps.
  • High-resolution icons. Highlight your MindView projects with a handful of new Icons, and the fully redesigned Icons Panel keeps your ideas flowing.
  • The new Recent Icons and Document Icons features help to keep your designs consistent, improving clarity and communication.
  • With more than 100 images added to the Pictures Catalog, users can quickly create engaging mind maps.
  • Updated Text Note Editor. MindView 7 has revamped the popular Text Note Editor. When pasting text into the Editor, a user can now clear the formatting making research and documentation faster.
  • New Spell Checker. MindView 7 includes an updated Spell Checker with new dictionary and bug fixing.
  • Collaboration. The new Public Maps export lets users upload and share their favorite MindView projects. Using the MatchWare Shared Workspace, users upload directly to the online MatchWare Mind Map Library, and add Tags to help describe their project.
  • Integration to OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • New Calculation Module. MindView 7’s Calculation Module upgrade brings it more in line with MS Excel. Users can now locate and insert function arguments and improve data capturing in their MindView projects.
  • Baseline. Once your project schedule is approved, you can save a project Baseline to preserve the original scope, cost and schedule. As project scope creep occurs, you can create additional baselines as needed. Toggle Baseline information on and off in MindView’s Gantt view, and reference it in the Calculation module. Continue working in popular tools such as MS Project or MS Excel by exporting from MindView and including the Baseline information.
  • Show Dependencies in the Mind Map View.
  • Fixed Cost for Tasks. Cost tracking is a vital component of a successfully managed project. MindView 7 allows users to specify a Fixed Cost for tasks that do not depend on resources, and display the cost information in the Gantt outline. Work in conjunction with popular tools such as MS Project or MS Excel by exporting to and importing from MindView and including the Fixed Cost information.
  • Updated Project Reports Including Baseline & Agile Reports. The completely redesigned Project Reports have been updated with communication in mind. Users can now select what task information to include in the reports.
  • Show Total Amount of Work & Cost for a Task Resource. Users have the ability to include resource specific information and  can now see the Total Amount of Work and Cost for each resource in the Resources dialog.
  • New Project Management Filters. We now offer the ability to use Cost and Baseline information to help users show only what they need, when they need it.
  • Microsoft Office Integration.
  • Excel Export: Include Text Notes as a Separate Column. Users can now take full advantage of MindView’s Text Note capability when exporting to and importing from MS Excel. When exporting users can define if they want Text Notes to export as Cell comments or to a separate Text Notes column in Excel. Additionally, MindView 7 can now import Text Notes located in a Text Column in Excel.
  • Excel Export Auto Fits Columns & Groups Sub-Branches. Users can maintain a seamless transfer directly to MS Excel where columns are now auto fit to clearly display data, and sub-branches are grouped by row to better visualize the branch hierarchy.
  • PowerPoint Import Without Having PowerPoint Installed. MindView 7 now allows users to import PowerPoint files without having PowerPoint installed.
  • Word Export has Updated Academic Formats. Improved Academic formats help users create presentation-ready written projects and presentations.
  • Export the MindView Numbering Schema to PowerPoint. Users can now benefit from exporting the document's selected numbering schema directly to PowerPoint. The PowerPoint export also includes Alt tags for images to provide a textual alternative to visual information.
  • Export the MindView Numbering Schema to PowerPoint.
  • Branch Connections Labels. Branch Connections are an important feature to show relationships between branches in a mind map. The new MindView 7 lets users label Branch Connections to better illustrate and overview branch relationships.
  • Office 2016 "Tell Me" Functionality. MindView 7 includes the MS Office “Tell Me” bar, which allows users to quickly get to features and perform actions by entering words or phrases into the bar.
  • Audio Note Saved in MP3 Format.
  • Audio Notes help users quickly capture information directly on a branch. MindView 7 now allows users to save Audio Notes in MP3 format, which helps keep your MindView project's file size small.
  • Change Background Color in the Text Note Editor. For users who are uncomfortable working from a white background when generating text, you can now change the background color in the text note editor to your personal preference.
  • Using Filters to show, hide, and highlight branches is a great way to improve your mind mapping communication, and users can now use the new “Select” filter to choose only the branches that match the Filters settings, or choose the branches that do not match the Filter settings.
  • Multi-check Option to Show/Hide Branch Data. MindView 7 includes a "Multi-check" option making it faster and easier to display the branch data that you need.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

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See Manufacturer's website.