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Product Description: 

MouseTrap is a Linux-based application for the open-source GNOME desktop environment designed toward aiding the physically impaired community by providing control of the mouse pointer using a low-cost webcam that can interpret a user's head movement as computer input.

Main Features: 

  • A standalone GNOME application that allows users with physical impairments to move a mouse cursor.
  • It uses a webcam to track the motion of any object visible by the camera and moves the mouse cursor according to the path of the tracked object (a user's head, for example).
  • Distributed with software that allows accessible mouse clicking.
  • It will give most physically impaired users access to the full functionality of a mouse.

Primary Specifications: 

  • MouseTrap is written in Python, based on the OpenCV library and uses image processing to translate the user's head movements into mouse events (movements, clicks), which allow users to interact with the different desktops managers and applications.

More Information: 

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