NextUp Talker

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

NextUp Talker lets you create an unlimited number of phrases you often use. These are arranged in a multi-level menu system. So, for example, you might have a menu of phrases you typically use with the telephone.

NextUp Talker includes an Abbreviations and ShortHand editor to let you define short strings to represent longer phrases or sentences. So for example, if you frequently say something like "Could you bring me something to drink please", you could define an abbreviation of "gdrink" to be that full string. Then, when typing text into NextUp Talker, if you simply type "gdrink" the program will speak "Could you bring me something to drink please?". Over time as you get used to using the program, you'll develop your own version of shorthand that will speed up your typing.

NextUp Talker can also mix in actual sound files into speech. You can insert a link to a sound file using the insert menu. For some users who have warning before losing their voice, such as is the case often with surgery, you can use your computer to record various sound files saying things like "I love you", or answering the phone. These recordings can then be intermixed with text to speech. Another neat use is inserting sound effects. There are a huge number of free sound files on the internet. A common use for these might be to include some funny sound effects with your speech. This is especially helpful when speaking with children. The funny sounds often help children become more comfortable when talking with someone who has to use a computer.

Main Features:

  • Specifically designed for use in conversation
  • More pleasant conversations using latest generation, high-quality, Natural sounding voices
  • Easy use with either mouse or keyboard
  • Smooth conversation flow with less delays due to typing by using predefined, often used phrases and user created abbreviations
  • Adapts to your style and speed with options to speak each word as typed, each sentence, each paragraph, or on demand
  • Ability to insert actual sound files along with speech. These can help make kids more comfortable talking with an adult using a computer. Children's voices are also available optionally for purchase.


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