R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module

Product Type: 
Device modifier


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Product Description: 

The R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module allows a user to control a PC or Android device using the R-net system. Once set up, any R-net Input Device e.g. a Joystick Module, can provide PC mouse control.

Main Features: 

  • Bluetooth communication for PC mouse control.
  • Compatible with all R-net Input Devices.
  • External Switch Inputs.
  • Programmable user preferences.
  • Commands from the Joystick Module, such as speed up or speed down, automatically become mouse commands, for example left and right click.
  • If the wheelchair user operates the chair using a head array via the R-net Omni; then, when in Bluetooth Mouse Mode, activating the switches in the head array can correspond to programmed mouse functions.
  • The module contains two jack-socket inputs that can be programmed to allow mouse functions such as left or right click to be controlled from external switches or buttons. 
  • The R-net Mouse Module remembers devices it has been set up to work with - there is no connect sequence after the initial set-up has been completed.
  • The R-net Mouse Module will operate within a 10m range of the PC it is paired with and is plug- and-play with all the other R-net modules, no hardware or software upgrades are required.
  • The R-net Mouse Module can also be linked with Android Devices via a downloadable App. This allows control of the Smart device, via Bluetooth, with any R-net Input Device. 

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.