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Product Description: 

Readtopia was designed to bring experiential learning into the classroom, so students can bridge the gap between learning through reading and experience. Readtopia uses literature, phonics / early reading instruction, and informational text to build foundational reading skills. The curriculum is delivered through thematic units designed to help teachers transform classrooms into laboratories of experiential learning. It is designed for your students with autism, cognitive or developmental disabilities, complex communication needs, and multiple disabilities.

Main Features: 

  • Program Components: 
    • All of the Readtopia resources are available online to subscribers, including ongoing releases.
    • Each Thematic Unit includes a teacher guide that walks educators step-by-step through instruction using the Readtopia resources: leveled graphic novels, video, informational text, phonics/word study, and assessment. 
  • A Teacher Guide is included with each thematic unit. Each chapter walks teachers through each step of implementation. 
  • Graphic novels at seven levels include age-respectful images to reinforce the text. The book covers are all the same, but inside, the text is leveled. 
  • Each Thematic Unit is anchored by video. It builds background knowledge, establishes vocabulary, and builds visual mental models of the lessons.
  • Students experience 10 different standards-based text types, including Compare and Contrast, Bibliography, Map, Chart/Graph, Directions, Timeline, Article with a Sidebar, Two Text Types (with same subject), Claim/Evidence, Fantastic Facts.
  • Each thematic unit includes 15 Phonics / Sight Words / Word Study lessons covering both topic-specific vocabulary and high-frequency word sets for general word identification. Sight words for each chapter include AAC Core Vocabulary Words.
  • Each Thematic Unit contains lessons linked to Functional Life Skills from three major life domains: Daily Living Skills, Self-Determination/Interpersonal Skills, Employment Skills.
  • Student response to instruction is assessed several times during each Thematic Unit. Data is collected and compared across units.

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