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Modifiable product
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Approximate Cost: $129.00
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Product Description: 

ScanBuddy initially divides the entire screen into two sections, the top half and bottom half, and then offers them to you one at a time. Once you pick, for example, the bottom half of the screen, then ScanBuddy divides the selected bottom section into two sections again, the left half (lower left quarter of the entire screen), and the right section (bottom right quarter of the entire screen), and offers those to you one at a time until you operate your switch again to indicate which of those two sections contains the target location. By dividing the screen up into sections you effectively reduce the screen to a more manageable size.

After a few divisions, when the last-selected section of the screen is small enough, ScanBuddy uses the line scanning method described above - a horizontal line moves down the selected section until you use your switch to identify the vertical location, and then a pointer moves horizontally across the line until you use your switch to select the target location. At that point, ScanBuddy knows the location of the mouse activity, so it then offers a scanning menu that lets you select the kind of mouse operation you want to do there.

You can click left button, double click left button, click right button, double click right button, or drag. In addition, you can do some other mouse operations like control-click, scrolling, etc. You first select what point you want then tell ScanBuddy which operation to perform. ScanBuddy knows when you're aiming at a button, menu option, or some other object that always requires a click.

Primary Specifications:

  • INPUT DEVICES: Double switch
  • OPERATING SYSTEM VERSIONS: Windows XP; Windows 7; Windows Vista


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