Product Description: 

The ScanJig is a portable scanning stand that holds your smart tablet or phone in the correct position for fast, precisely aligned scans of documents, receipts, books and business cards. The scan stand provides a stable platform and works with any document scanner app to help turn your tablet or phone into a productive, accurate, document imaging device.

ScanJig Pro

Optimized for tablets.

ScanJig Pro Plus

Optimized for tablets and includes a bracket for book scanning.

    Main Features: 

    These features are common to all versions:

    • Scan 10 pages per minute.
    • Provides easy tactile and guided positioning of both your mobile device and document.
    • Angled design helps capture more light and avoid shadows for improved image quality.
    • Folds down flat and snaps shut to easily fit in a backpack or suitcase.
    • Molded plastic stand securely holds both tablets and phones.

    Primary Specifications: 

    These specifications are common to all versions:

    • Devices with greater than 5 megapixel cameras are recommended.
    • Supports a wide variety of smartphones and tablets.

    The ScanJig Pro includes these specifications:

    • Compatible with 11-inch model tablets and smaller.

    More Information: 

    See Manufacturer's website