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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Sprich! is a small program for people with voice loss for quick and easy speech output - even without the classic desktop keyboard or mouse. 

The text input can be done in any way: everything that generates letters can be used: the classic desktop keyboard works just like an on-screen keyboard (eg Click-N-Type) and also the mouse pointer does not have to work with the normal desktop Move mouse, head control, or program XXMaus are just examples of alternative mouse controls .

Type your text in the input window, click on the "Speak" button and the text is already spoken and displayed on the screen. With the red speaker signal, an alarm sound can be generated to attract attention to the environment. The prerequisite is an artificial voice in the desired language.

Main Features: 

  • Choose among the different languages ​​on your PC.
  • The font size is adjustable in 4 steps; if the on-screen keyboard Click-N-Type is installed, it can be called up at Knopdruck. 
  • Adjust the volume of the voice output and add your own alarm sounds .
  • The program is free to download.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer’s website.