Thermometer (Generic)

This is not a page for a specific "Thermometer". It is a placeholder for the many Thermometer that are out on the market. Because there are so many of them, and they are easy to find by doing an internet search, we do not attempt to include them in our database. See the More Information section for suggested search terms to use.

Product Description: 

Thermometers allow users to easily gauge the temperature of something. There are many different kinds of thermometers, from fever thermometers, to food thermometers, to outdoor temperature thermometers. Many models offer accessibility features, such as large, easy-to-see digital screens and talking thermometers.

Main Features: 

These are common features found with this type of product. Not all products will have all features - so look at individual products to find the ones that provide the features you need.

  • Large, backlit LED displays.
  • Designed to be held with one hand; lightweight.
  • Many fever thermometers can feature audio alerts when the device detects a fever.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Most models are waterproof.
  • Wired and wireless (battery-operated) models available.

Where To Buy: 

This is a generic entry. This type of product is available from many vendors. Type or paste the following search phrase into your preferred web browser: "thermometer for [application]," "digital thermometer for [application]," "talking thermometer." 

Options & Accessories: 

  • Food/meat thermometers.
  • Fever thermometers.
    • Many have rounded tips to avoid poking.
    • Forehead scanning models that do not require physical contact (under the tongue, rectal, etc.) to gain a reading.
  • Outdoor temperature thermometers.
    • Usually feature humidity gauges, as well. 
  • Infrared/laser thermometers for scanning temperature in a given environment (for industrial/laboratory uses).

Primary Specifications: 

  • Most wireless thermometers use 3V batteries.

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