Tom Taps Speak - AAC for Kids

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Product Description: 

Tom Taps Speak is a symbol-based communication app for the iPad, with voice output, designed for children. Vocabulary is organized in category folders. A next likely category is presented to you once you select a word. Additional features can be added, e.g. keyboard and a white board. Only one female voice is available. It is designed for direct access. You may add your own boards.

Main Features: 

  • Communication Tool - Express yourself with Tom Taps Speak AAC app with hundreds of vivid and colorful picture cards all organized in twenty-four categories like People, Actions, Feelings and so much more.
  • Customise - Use the ready-made pictures from the Archive or your photos from your own iPad’s Gallery. Record your voice for a more personalized feel.
  • Favorite Mode - Save your long and most-used phrases and sentences and sort them to your convenience.
  • Boards - Make your own communication board that can cater to different people and different needs. One board can be for Tom, the other can be all about Shapes or Colours.
  • Whiteboard - If words and pictures can say no more, doodle your thoughts. You can save them in your Gallery or find them in your Communication Tool’s Sentence Composer.
  • Keyboard - Say it with letters. The Keyboard can be arranged either in an alphabetical format or in the QWERTY format. Your words can mix with picture cards for better expression.
  • Store - Unlock useful features and access more pictures you can use for card-making like Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, and Bedroom picture sets.
  • Lessons - Use Tom Taps Speak as an English language teaching material with the help of our categories and the sentence pattern used in word prediction ( Subject-Verb - Description - Object ).

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