TouchRight Utilities

Product Type: 
Modifiable product
Approximate Cost: $9.95


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Product Description: 

TouchRight Utilities is an on-screen mouse that enables click with touchscreen operation for users with neurological disorders, as well as developers, integrators, field service, or administrators who work with and configure non-mouse or touch screen applications.

Main Features: 

  •  Enables left-and right-click with touch-screen operation.
  •  Enables or facilitates mouse key control with pronounced cerebral or central movement disorders, neurological disorders or neuromuscular disabilities (ALS), spastic and flaccid paralysis when the operation of a pointing device, but not a mouse button operation of the pointing device is possible.
  •  Necessary as an additional program in conjunction with mouse simulators when the mouse button operation can only be done via a button or a dwell.
  • Touch Right: Touch Right simulates a right mouse click on a touch screen monitor. A simple touch on a screen button switches from the left mouse click on the right mouse click.
  • Operations:
    • Double click, right-click, click and drag.
    • Auto-repeat for mouse button clicks or Cursor down / cursor on.
    • Close window.
    • Escape key.
    • Triggering screen buttons after a selectable length of stay possible.
    • Acoustic feedback is possible.
    • Display the button set (array, size, colors, lettering).

More Information: 

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