TouchRight Utilities

Product Description: 

An easy interface for bringing Right Mouse functions to any touch screen or other pointing device interface. Great for users, developers, integrators, field service, or administrators who work with and configure non-mouse or touch screen applications.

Main Features:

  •  Enables left-and right-click with touch-screen operation.
  •  Enables or facilitates mouse key control with pronounced cerebral or central movement disorders, neurological disorders or neuromuscular disabilities (ALS), spastic and flaccid paralysis when the operation of a pointing device, but not a mouse button operation of the pointing device is possible.
  •  Necessary as an additional program in conjunction with mouse simulators when the mouse button operation can only be done via a button or a dwell.
  • Touch Right: Touch Right simulates a right mouse click on a touch screen monitor. A simple touch on a screen button switches from the left mouse click on the right mouse click to.

Primary Specifications:

  • Double click, right click, click and drag
  • Auto-repeat for mouse button clicks or Cursor down / cursor on
  • Close window
  • Escape key
  • Triggering screen buttons after a selectable length of stay possible
  • Acoustic feedback possible
  • Display the button set (array, size, colors, lettering)


For more information on this product, please refer to the manufacturer's website.