WiViK (Windows Virtual Keyboard)

Product Description: 

WiViK is an on screen keyboard software program for Windows that allows the user to enter text or perform keyboard functions using a mouse, trackball, mouse emulator and switch scanning. Word completion/prediction, speech output and abbreviation/expansion features are included. WiViK 3 can be used to operate any Windows program including word processing and internet applications. See information re System Requirements and compatibility under General Details.

Main Features:

  • Can be used to provide computer input with a pointing device (point and click/dwell selection with expanding quadrant selection) or one to six switches 
  • User can choose which keys the keyboard contains where on the screen it appears and the keyboard size
  • Configurable switch-based scanning (automatic, inverse/step and directed scanning with 1-6 switches); speech output, text reader 
  • Internet Explorer access. 


  • ​WiViK Serial Switch Adaptor: A SERIAL adaptor which allows you to connect one or two switches to your computer via the serial port.
  • WiViK USB Switch Adaptor Box: This interface is designed for use with the WiViK on screen keyboard. It provides up to six single switch connections, two dual switch connections and a joystick connection.

Primary Specifications:

  • Compatible on: A Windows® PC with 800 MHz or higher processor speed, Windows® XP, Vista, 7 (Note: 64-bit Vista/7 beta is available to download)


For more information on this product, please refer to the manufacturer's website.