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Product Description: 

Words in Pictures is an app for visual communication for children or adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or intellectual challenges. It allows a person to bring with them on their iPhone or iPad the cards that link image and concept to be shown. One can easily search, build messages, and quickly plan their day on the agenda.

Main Features: 

  • Four sections with rapid access to features for parents and specialists; appealing graphics for the child.
  • Build cards and meanings.
  • Interactive vocabulary: test the understanding of concepts by looking up "semantic" categories with more than 1200 symbols of daily use chosen by our experts and make new cards - pictures, text, and audio - and personal categories.
  • Quickly make rules and instructions.
  • Type in the text of a sentence, the app will translate it quickly into a sequence of pictures. Users can make new cards and add them, record their voice, save and use the message later.
  • Visual schedule, time planning, and routine learning
  • Aid the child to understand daily and weekly activities: add the cards in sequence in the visual agenda (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening) setting up to 4 levels of detail, get the child involved in the “choice” between 2 cards - a first conscious interaction with the medium - and add markers on the activities.
  • Quickly lookup for frequent messages that have been archived, to show in "view only" mode without risk of modification. Promptly manage critical situations.
  • Search for a picture by word or category; make a message with instant translation into symbols; word-predictor; archive for the most used words, messages and days.
  • Understanding of communication, scheduler, social rules, and task analysis.
  • High-quality pictures (SymbolStix).
  • Customizable - card making with symbols, photos, text, audio, and user-defined categories.
  • The child can choose by tapping the favorite activity or snack - possibility to add markers on the performed tasks (the "v" for "done", the "flip card", the "x" for "don't do").
  • Images-on-the-go on the mobile, integrated step-by-step visual guide.

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