ZebraLight Headlamps

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Primary device
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Approximate Cost: $59.89


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Product Description: 

Zebralight headlamp is a wearable flashlight with various brightness and strobe settings. Users strap the light onto their forehead and are able to use the flashlight hands-free, while a low-force button allows for those with muscle weakness and other impairments to operate the lamp easily. The lamp has adjustable brightness and an automatic cycle function, and users may also appreciate its simplified interface.

Main Features: 

  • One short-click turns on the light to High or turns off the light.
  • Two short-click turns on the light to Medium.
  • Three short-click turns on the light to the beacon-strobe mode.
  • Press and hold (for over 0.6 seconds) turns on the light to Low and then Medium and High. Release at the desired level.
  • LED tint, hot spot, and spill pattern. Simplified user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels and beacon-strobes.
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels.
  • Comfortable headband designed to be worn for long periods of time.
  • Automatic stepping down from High to Medium, and from Medium to Low when battery capacity is low.
  • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I), Orange peel reflector.
  • Waterproof to IPX7 (2 meters, 30 minutes).

Primary Specifications: 

  • Dimensions:
    • Head Diameter ranges from 0.95 inches to 0.84 inches, depending on which model of headlamp you choose.
    • Length ranges from 3.85 inches to 2.7 inches, depending on which model of headlamp you choose.
  • Weight:
    • 1.4 oz (39 gram).
    • 3.0 oz (84.6 gram) with ZL634 battery.
    • 4.4 oz (124.6 gram) with ZL634 battery and headband.
  • Battery: one 18650 size (up to 69mm long) 3.6/3.7V Li-ion rechargeable. Batteries are not included.

More Information: 

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