Alternative Key Colors

Different colors for key types (e.g. vowels & consonants, numbers & letters)

Keyboard with large black letters on white keys against black background

The black and white Clevy Contrast Keyboard has been developed in close cooperation with various low vision experts. This keyboard provides a better contrast than the colored version, making it even more useful for the visually impaired. 

Regular black color coded keyboard, with letters, numbers and special characters on it. Other function key and numbers on the right side of the keyboard are marked.

The LessonBoard is a standard-size QWERTY, computer keyboard with a patented color-coded by finger layout to show correct finger placement, help reduce the chance of forming bad keyboarding habits, and improve precision and speed.

Large calculator with large LED display and large text, color-coded buttons.

Large button, big display scientific calculator designed specifically for users with low vision. Includes speech output via earbuds which are included.

IntelliKeys USB keyboard with aphabet overlay inserted
This product has been discontinued (11/12/2017).

IntelliKeys is an intelligent, alternative keyboard that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer. 

Keyboard with black keys and yellow letters.
This product has been discontinued.

The Startaboard keyboard has been designed for preschool and Key Stage 1 children, it has large, 1 inch square keys, with yellow, lower case legends, making it easier for children to use, but it still has the same foot print (size) as a standard keyboard. 

White keyboard-like device with red and black keys.

Mini-keyboard that allows people with muscle weakness or paralysis to do computer work.

A multi-colored keyboard with shortcut keys

The ASTRA backlit keyboard with numeric keyboard features a slim line black keyboard with low-profile scissor-switch keys for a light, yet responsive feel.

Large font, color-coded, standard size keyboard.

The Clevy Keyboard is an attractively designed keyboard, designed to help teach writing and keyboard skills to young children. Its design also makes the Clevy Keyboard very suitable for keyboard users with a wide array of special needs.

Black keyboard with multicolored keys and magnetic stripe reader

Multifunctional, fully programmable modular keyboard with 12x8 Matrix Key layout keyboard module for professional commercial use, e.g. in Point-of-Service (POS).

Steel keyboard with red function keys, white number / letter keys and yellow accessory keys.

This Maltron Expanded Keyboard has been designed with a strong steel construction to withstand heavy use, and has a nylon coating for a smooth wipe-clean surface. The keyboard was initially designed with Cerebral Palsy in mind, but it provides enhanced access for most physically disabled and visually impaired users.