Assists entering letters, words, numbers

Voice typing screen where the word "listening" appears above the on-screen keyboard.

An app that has Glide Typing, voice typing, Google Search, and other functions. Users can search and share from their keyboard.

Large yellow square with a drawing of a cow in the upper left square, the app name on the bottom left, and a large red button on the lower right with "Tap here to Scan" written in it.

An app designed to help children and adults with physical disabilities to learn to select pictures using a scanning device.

A gray rectangular device with a horizontal row of lights above the numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8.

An aid for persons with cognitive dysfunction. An electronic hourglass which, with luminous dots, shows how much time is left for a defined time interval.

A small, black rectangular device with an input on the bottom.

Modules that create two functions in one switch: a short press and a long press. It is suitable for users who do not have the possibility of operating several contacts.

A tablet screen with menu options including color on screen, logical reasoning, improvisation, counting, cosmo hero, showdown.

Cosmo is a tablet device with luminous contacts specially designed for iPad activities.  It can be used for learning and activities throughout the class or at home.

A gray rectangular device with a black screen.

Communication tablets in various sizes that operate via touch, eye control, scan, head mouse, or keyboard and include specialized software.

A white keyboard with gray keys and a blue screen above the keys.

A voice/typewriter device that helps users communicate and control surroundings.

A monitor with IntelliGaze functions that have typed out the word "hello" while a user gazes at the screen.

Eye tracking or gazing: A module that makes it possible to operate all the functions of a PC using eye movements. It is designed for people with limited motor skills or many involuntary movements. 

Rounded blue rectangular image with a white Qwerty keyboard on the bottom and a frog in a white box on the upper left. A white rectangular window is in the upper right with the word frog next to a blank line.

An introduction to the keyboard by using speech, phonics, and Widgit Symbols in colorful letter exercises to teach literacy skills to users who have difficulty with text or communication.

Screenshot of an iOS interface reading "Lightswitch" at the top of the screen and displaying a list of menu options, including "Desk Fan," "Library Lamp," and "Office Fan." Beneath, there is an option slider, that ranges from "Off" to "Level" to"On." The slider is set to "On."

Home automation program with voice commands that may be helpful for individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury.