Assists entering letters, words, numbers

A red want attached to a blue and gray switch with black cord for plugging in.

A mechanical switch intended to be used by any body part that can press against the wand. It is useful for people who need assistance with poor motor control.

Rounded blue rectangular image with a white Qwerty keyboard on the bottom and a frog in a white box on the upper left. A white rectangular window is in the upper right with the word frog next to a blank line.

An introduction to the keyboard by using speech, phonics, and Widgit Symbols in colorful letter exercises to teach literacy skills to users who have difficulty with text or communication.

Horizontal, rectangular block with two monitors at either end and blue rectangular block in the middle that has a green circle in the middle with red lines around it and white sound waves emanating on the upper left and lower right sides.

A communications service that uses artificial intelligence to convert speech to text, and text into speech, in real-time for people who cannot use a normal telephone.

A white smartphone with an image of a black microphone inside a grid of small rectangles against a background of a blue circle with two lighter blue bands around it.

A speech recognition app for iOS devices that enables users to speak into the microphone and convert their speech into text and then directly send the message to an email program, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

Rectangular onscreen keyboard with large Qwerty layout and function buttons across the top.

A free, open-source multi-purpose on-screen keyboard. It was designed with the needs of handicapped persons in mind. 

Screenshot of program window showing a square blue screen with a large round red button in the middle.

A free Windows utility that enhances a switch adapted mouse by providing auto-scan and other features especially helpful for single-switch access. 

Screenshot of main menu showing a large gird of control options.

A small, free, system tray app designed in Python to interpret one or two key presses pressed in a set way (morse) and convert them to the key equivalent. 

Screenshot of main screen with menu button options across the top, a text input window below on the left, and a corrections window on the right.

A writing tool designed to help writers of all skill levels. It helps users compose small amounts of content prior to posting them to an application. 

Screenshot showing menus bordered by rulers and popup menu choices.

A speech command system for controlling computers that includes a set of applets and works with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition engine.

A rectangular orange plastic device with a clear plastic point connected to a flexible arm. Two small square devices are attached with round buttons.

A replacement for a normal PC mouse/keyboard/joystick that is available as a do-it-yourself construction kit. Instead of moving the mouse device with a hand and clicking with the fingers, it can be controlled by applying very low forces to the mouthpiece (joystick) with the user's lips, fingers or other body parts.