Controls can be discriminated by touch

A black rectangular device with 10 buttons outlined in white and a cord at the bottom.

A contact box that provides acoustic feedback and allows users to operate a wheelchair's electrical functions directly from contacts or fields, without first having to go through the chair's menu system. Operation of the wheelchair's electrical functions is activated by placing the fingertip in the center of the field. 

Two black rectangular devices with cords on the bottom. The box on the left has 8 buttons in blue, green, red, and yellow. The box on the right contains black buttons.

Contact boxes that allow users to operate a wheelchair's electrical functions directly from contacts or fields, without first having to go through the chair's menu system. 

Logo with a red dot between the word Aabentoft and the letters "dk."

Bluetooth Mouse Simulator - AMSLXBTA allows users to control the mouse pointer on a PC, Mac, or an Android-based smartphone from a chair's joystick. 

A white rectangular device with a white socket at the bottom and a black screen with a power button above it.

Allows users to turn on / off lights and other devices. It is easy to move the unit in the home and it can be controlled in three different ways: with an IR transmitter, an RF transmitter or via contact.

Drawing of a fishbowl on a yellow stand which is sitting on a green mat. Three dancing red fish are suspended on each side of the fishbowl.

A control switch training program designed for students using a mouse or touch screen for the first time. Its simplicity is well suited for those with visual or learning impairments.

Screenshot of menu listing six locations, including the mall, doctor, and grocery store.

A visual teaching tool for helping children and teenagers with Autism and Asperger Syndrome learn to navigate challenging locations in the community.

Drawing of two white geese with the numbers 1 and 2 on them in the lower left of a rectangular image with a blue background. On the right are two rows of two bowls each.

Software designed to help students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and developmental disabilities listen more effectively, follow a teacher's directions, and more fully participate in an inclusionary classroom.

A medium-sized black and silver device resembling a DVD player.

Optical character recognition (OCR) device designed for use by individuals with blindness or low vision or other print disabilities.

A large, rectangular shape with three purple oat drawings on the left and the word OATS in all caps on the right.

A free, simple CD player that is controlled using a single switch or the keyboard’s space bar.

Large blue, orange, and red translucent cough drop shapes overlaid on each other.

A cross-platform, open-source augmentative and alternative communication app for people with complex communication needs.