Controls can be discriminated by touch

Large blue, orange, and red translucent cough drop shapes overlaid on each other.

A cross-platform, open-source augmentative and alternative communication app for people with complex communication needs.

Large black square with yellow sun in center and orange ring around it and the word sensory in lower case on a yellow border on the bottom.

A simple stimulating app for people of all ages with special/complex needs. It is designed to be visually stimulating and suitable for a range of abilities.

Green frog toy-like device connected to a standard cord and jack.

A wired pneumatic switch that can be used to activate communication aids and switch adapted devices.

Two black components with cords attached. One is larger and more oval-shaped; the second is small and rectangular, with a red button.

Voice-activated telephone dialer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or amputation, neurological disabilities, or cerebral palsy.

Several different models of voice recorders. They resemble small, thin, rectangular devices similar to USB drives. Three of them feature small LCD displays and various menu buttons.

Small, portable recording devices that allow the user to record themselves or others speaking and playback the recording wherever they are. 

Green zippered pouch attached to black flexible arm with a clamp on the end.

A removable pillow switch attached to a flexible arm that clamps to any surface.

Small white golf ball-shaped device attached to a carabineer hook.

A small recording device that attaches to a keychain for people with memory problems to use for recording reminders, memos, and lists.

Hand holding a long, brown rectangular device with a speaker on one end and three yellow buttons underneath attached to a lanyard.

A handheld voice output electronic device with a clock, calendar, timer, and stopwatch functions, designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision and for older adults.

Black, half-moon shaped device with two speakers at either end, left and right facing red arrows buttons, and four display windows across the top.

A short-term teaching tool and long-term adaptive aid for individuals with memory loss or cognitive disabilities.

Small black and gray handheld device with four control buttons on top and a speaker in the middle.

A multi-step auditory cueing device for a single activity designed for use by individuals with memory loss or cognitive disabilities.