Converts Print Documents to Accessible Formats

Libri E Audiolibri in Italiano App Logo

App for Android and iOS that allows the user to download audio books in Italian.

Large rectangular printer, with a gray body and purple sides.

A braille embosser that supports double-sided and interpoint braille and produces output at 120 characters per second.

PDF reader shown at two different zoom levels.

PDF reader that uses distance between face and device to adjust the zoom function.

BrailleText App icon showing a purple square with a sheet of paper that is overlaid with a braille block with 6 points and a pencil. A yellow arrow is drawn extending from the braille and pointing it to the paper.

BrailleTexts is a braille typing app. With BrailleTexts messages are typed using what is referred to as "visual braille".

BookCreator logo

Book Creator is the simple way to make your own ebooks on your iPad.

AAC board on a tablet.

AAC app that helps to give a voice to individuals that cannot speak on their own.

The user interfaces of OCR Anastasis which shows a background of icons for filing documents and a blue foreground of execution options for OCR, for example, scanner or camera.

OCR to make documents on paper or digital images accessible to speech synthesis.

A screen shows a monthly dashboard; on the right side, it shows the type of files and number of documents; on the left side it shows document status; the bottom of the page showing 'Report by user' and 'Report by department' tabs.

A service that ensures that documents are accessible as per the accessibility standards & guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sections 504 and 508, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and is tested by people with disabilities.

HBS logo

HBS software system (Hagen Braille software system) for the translation of longhand text files into Braille.