Features Magnified

A rectangular white device with a bright yellow LCD display that shows the phone number and name of the person calling in black font.

Voice output low vision caller ID designed for use by individuals with vision disabilities. The large backlit screen on the talking caller ID displays large numbers and the adjustable stand enables the user to tilt the display for easy viewing.

A silver desktop monitor displaying a black screen with high-contrast white font that reads "Da Vinci, crystal clear picture and text-to-speech." Above the monitor is a camera mounted on a gooseneck that is positioned over the monitor.

Desktop video magnifier (CCTV), text-to-speech (OCR) and a 3-in-1 camera designed for use by individuals with low vision.

A woman uses a Mac desktop computer, which is displaying high-contrast, black-on-white, magnified content.

Plug-and-play video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision.

A magnifying glass graphic with a section of text seen through it. The magnifying glass itself is casting a rainbow prism onto the text.

A "reading glasses" app for iOS and Android, designed for those who have difficulty reading fine print and focusing on nearby objects.

Small rectangular electronic device with black frame and LCD display showing lines of enlarged text.

A handheld video magnifier that features a 7” LCD screen with anti-glare coating, an HD camera, and a built-in stand.

Large blue, orange, and red translucent cough drop shapes overlaid on each other.

A cross-platform, open-source augmentative and alternative communication app for people with complex communication needs.

A 13-inch monitor attached to a foldable stand with space beneath the screen for placing documents to magnify them.

A full color, portable magnifying and reading device for visually impaired users that can be used for magnification, distance viewing, and as a mirror.

Image of Lime Lighter Leggiero model mounted on the music rack of a piano and displaying magnified music as white notes on a black background on a grand staff.

Software designed to enable people with low vision read print music. 

Screenshot of three desktops with different screen resolutions, each one larger and more "zoomed in."

Sometimes the default resolution of a display features text that is too small for an individual to read comfortably or icons that are too small to discern. Most operating systems allow the device to emulate a lower (but not higher) resolution, producing larger-sized, easier-to-see graphics.

Video magnifier with words displayed on monitor screen. The device features a platform base for placing materials to be magnified.

A series of desktop video magnifiers with HD magnification.