Generates speech output for communication

Menu options with arrows pointing in several directors and icons such those for communication, a toolbar, and a calculator.

A ready-made setup for complete communication with words and phrases. It is suitable for children or adults with mobility or speech disabilities.

Large round blue square with a black outline of a side view of a person's face on the left. The person is speaking and pointing at a display, and sound waves are emanating outward from it.

An assistive communication app for people and children with emerging communication needs and developmental delays.

Two smartphones staggered one behind the other, each with a conversation bubble.

A free mobile app for patients with cognitive, communication, learning, or speech disabilities or autism that facilitates communication with family members or healthcare providers who are in proximity to the patient and can provide immediate assistance.

A dark blue background with a white and red graphic, consisting of a camera scanning a sheet of paper.

Using the native iOS camera, the app can "scan" paper documents and read the text content out loud.

Bright yellow square with 3 orange stars diagonally across the middle and a white round dot at the end and Working4 written underneath it.

A visual reinforcement system designed for use by individuals with communication and autism spectrum disorders that can let someone know what he’s working for, how much work he needs to do, and how close he is to earning a reward for that work.

Square app logo with red on top the lowercase word wait, with blue on the bottom and the number 4 next to the black lettering it in a white box.

An app designed for use by individuals with communication and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to help teach the concept of “wait” and encourage learners to wait successfully.

Screenshot showing a drawing of a male head with short black hair against a white background and record, stop and play buttons on the bottom.

A free, switch accessible program that enables users to record their voice and hear it played back while a face animates.

Screenshot of main menu, with four, long, horizontally stacked bars representing function options.

A free and open source Android application that turns a phone or tablet into an inexpensive augmentative and alternative communication device.

Screenshot of main menu with grid of control options and image of user on lower left.

An open source assistive communication tool developed for individuals living with paralysis or Locked-In Syndrome (LIS).

A 3x2 grid of simple stick figure images and vocabulary words and phrases.

The CoreWord Language System provides augmented and alternative communication (AAC) app users with a combination of core language, fringe vocabulary, and banks of key phrases.