A black rectangular device with a green rectangular structure mounted on the end.

Controls the power functions of the wheelchair and is suitable for all wheelchair users. It is an output stage for controlling an actuator or DC motor, so it is controlled outside the wheelchair's electronics.

A square device with a black frame around and an illustration of two light bulbs, one off and one on, with text that reads "light."

A low-profile mechanical switch that requires a few grams of pressure to activate. With a click sound to signal activation, it sits on a slightly angled platform for easier access.

A black rectangular device with 32 message icons with text above such as "brush hair" and "cold," and a handle on the top.

A multi-level communication device that can read what overlay is in the device by detecting the hole pattern that is punched on the overlay. It includes 32 messages per level.

Stethoscope style headphones with rubber earbuds attached to underchin receiver, place upright in docking station.

Telephone headset, voice amplifier, and media hearing device.

Front view of white rectangular device with button just above the speaker; a side view shows various ports. for connecting the device.

Compact alerting device that indicates a telephone or doorbell is ringing either with a bright flashing light or an extra loud tone - or both at the same time.

Square app logo with red on top the lowercase word wait, with blue on the bottom and the number 4 next to the black lettering it in a white box.

An app designed for use by individuals with communication and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to help teach the concept of “wait” and encourage learners to wait successfully.

Rectangular printed circuit board showing chipsets, circuitry, and pin connectors.

A modular voice synthesizer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

A rectangular orange plastic device with a clear plastic point connected to a flexible arm. Two small square devices are attached with round buttons.

A replacement for a normal PC mouse/keyboard/joystick that is available as a do-it-yourself construction kit. Instead of moving the mouse device with a hand and clicking with the fingers, it can be controlled by applying very low forces to the mouthpiece (joystick) with the user's lips, fingers or other body parts. 

A compact, black desktop printer with output tray in front and control panel on front left.

A compact, high-speed braille production embosser that can print high-resolution tactile graphics.