Language Representation

A black rectangular device with eight message icons with text above such as "drink" and "have a nice day," and a handle on the top.

A multi-level communication device that uses smart overlay technology.

A black rectangular device with six message icons with text above such as "television" and "coffee," and a handle on the top.

Message recording and playback device that will hold up to 10 levels of recordings with each cell recording up to 10 seconds of audio.

Colorful drawing of computer display with a flowchart diagram with a large diagram outside the display on the left and an idea bubble with a light bulb in it on the far left.

A program for users who have difficulty with text or communication that combines the visual tool of mind mapping with the support of Widgit Symbols.

Rounded blue rectangular image with a white Qwerty keyboard on the bottom and a frog in a white box on the upper left. A white rectangular window is in the upper right with the word frog next to a blank line.

An introduction to the keyboard by using speech, phonics, and Widgit Symbols in colorful letter exercises to teach literacy skills to users who have difficulty with text or communication.

Two smartphones staggered one behind the other, each with a conversation bubble.

A free mobile app for patients with cognitive, communication, learning, or speech disabilities or autism that facilitates communication with family members or healthcare providers who are in proximity to the patient and can provide immediate assistance.

Three square, gray LA-90 models shown with three different color signal strips down front right side: the first one is yellow, the middle one is red, and the last one is blue.

Compact portable inductive loop system that picks up sound via an integrated microphone or an external microphone.

Green software box with an image of an owl on a branch and the product name underneath. Leaning against the box is a CD.

A program for students with disabilities to learn functional vocabulary words.

Square app logo with red on top the lowercase word wait, with blue on the bottom and the number 4 next to the black lettering it in a white box.

An app designed for use by individuals with communication and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to help teach the concept of “wait” and encourage learners to wait successfully.

Screenshot of main menu with grid of control options and image of user on lower left.

An open source assistive communication tool developed for individuals living with paralysis or Locked-In Syndrome (LIS).

Screenshot of main screen showing 4x4 grid of communications options.

A communication system for people with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy. It can also be used for learning to read and write and to facilitate the use and control of computers.