Makes audible alerts in the environment (telephone, doorbell, alarms) visual

Silver triangular device with a mobile phone placed on it. The mobile phone screen displays a call coming in and a green light flashes below; the black iBell2 sits next to the silver model.

Signaling device that informs users about missed calls and displays every cell phone call signal with blue running light, which only goes out when the signal is acknowledged.

A black alarm clock with a lisa receiver on top, two silver RF repeaters with black antennas, a silver portable receiver, a table-top blinking lamp, and an analog clock with a bright light attached to the right.

Alerting system available as wired or wireless devices that provide light and vibration signals and consist of at least one transmitter and one receiver.

A medium-sized, white, and square device with a large built-in speaker face.

Telephone signal indicator designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. This device alerts the user to incoming telephone calls through a variety of signaling options including horn, bell, chime, or vibrating chime.

White electrical box with screws on the corners and a raised horizontal area with the word phone on it.

A loud, attention-getting electronic ringer with strobe light designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing that is suitable for noisy locations or outdoor areas.

White and black device resembling a handheld "walkie-talkie" radio, with a built-in antenna.

Visual alert system that alerts individuals with hearing impairments at the sound of a doorbell, baby crying, and other sounds.

Black square with a round blue band and spinner in the center and four image blocks, one on the top and bottom, and on the left and right. The images are of a telephone, piano, horse, and motorcycle.

A Windows-based switch-activated game developed specifically for students with special needs that plays an object's sound when the object is selected by the spinner.

Slightly-curved, rectangular box with four input jacks for headphones at each corner. In the center, there is a raised portion with a fifth kind of input jack. The device is blue in color.

Connection hub for up to four sets of headphones, designed for use as a classroom listening center, ELD/ELL/Title 3/special education applications, as well as language labs and call center training.

The full range of components in the kit, including a round smoke detector, a rectangular alarm clock with a small LCD panel, and other small components.

Combines all the products required for hotels or hospitals to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Short, cylindrical device with a red LED lighted dome at the top. It has a blue base and two colored bands around the base that users can rotate, one green and one yellow.

Visual and auditory-based timer that is accessible to users with cognitive, developmental, or print disabilities.

Various models of captioned telephones. They resemble standard corded telephone sets, but with a medium-to-large sized screen that displays captions. Three of the models' screens are color LCD, while one is not color and does not have backlighting. Three phones are white with black buttons; one is black with no buttons, but a large touchscreen menu.

Telephone with built-in screen that displays real-time closed captioning.