Makes Speech and Sounds Easier to Hear

Three square, gray LA-90 models shown with three different color signal strips down front right side: the first one is yellow, the middle one is red, and the last one is blue.

Compact portable inductive loop system that picks up sound via an integrated microphone or an external microphone.

White electrical box with screws on the corners and a raised horizontal area with the word phone on it.

A loud, attention-getting electronic ringer with strobe light designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing that is suitable for noisy locations or outdoor areas.

An orange rectangular icon with a white headphone graphic.

Allows users wearing headphones the ability to also hear what is happening around them.

Black and white drawing of an ear with sound waves coming in and sound lines on the right side of the ear.

A free alternative and augmentative communication app for iOS and the Web that allows individuals with a visual and physical difficulty who require auditory scanning to communicate. 

Large printout of United States, with states in different colors, a red plastic pouch on the upper left and a booklet with a map of the U.S. on the right.

A multi-sensory map of the United States for people who are visually impaired featuring a talking tactile pen, which serves as a "tour guide" that gives the user information about each location visited on the map via multiple layers of audio recordings. 

Screenshot of program's interface showing a text input window on the left and audio control options on the right.

A cloud-based program that enables users to generate audio files using text-to-speech technology.

Image of a large rectangular wire loop connected to a goose-neck microphone and base next to a small black device.

An audio induction loop system that is intended to be mounted under desktops and counters in situations where surface area is limited.

Overhead view of museum room with a black disc hanging from the ceiling and people gathered by an exhibit.

A complete induction loop system that works in conjunction with an ILA10 amplifier, which allows a microphone or alternative sound source to be broadcast through the overhead disc. 

Closeup of the seat of a black desk chair with a black foam cushion on it.

A seat cushion that creates a personal-sized induction loop field for telecoil-equipped hearing aids. 

Blue and white device sitting on counter in office setting. Device features an image of an outline of an ear with an arrow diagonally through it and a small capital letter T on the lower right.

An all-in-one audio induction field generator for use with telecoil-equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants, and loop receivers.