A compact braille device.

The BRAILLEX Live 20 is the smallest of the BRAILLEX family of braille devices.

Small blue braille keypad

Actilino is the compact note taker for blind users. 16 piece ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable every-day companion. In real time, Actilino displays information in Braille for tactile reading. Additionally, you get the speech output of the connected computer.

Black print on white keys

Bluetooth mini keyboard. Available in three color contrast combinations.

Various models of compact computer keyboards. They are all nearly identical to standard keyboards, except that they are missing numeric keypads on the right-hand side, and the keys are more compactly arranged. One model has a card reader slot on the upper right-hand corner. two are solid black. One model is black keys with light silver top and bottom borders. one is medium silver with light silver keys.

Mini keyboards—usually without a numeric keypad.

rectangular device with 20 control buttons

The RiVO (remote interface to Voiceover) is meant to be a remote control of sorts to VoiceOver users and a keyboard/media controller for everyone, sighted users included.

Slim keyboard with nine key slide out number pad

The Number Slide's retractable number pad slides out when you need it and away when you are finished.

The Logitech keyboard-and-stand combo is light and versatile, designed to travel easily and set up quickly with all Windows 8, Android, or iOS tablets.

A black, rectangular handheld device with 14 braille cells and an 8-dot keyboard.

A portable braille computer designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind.

A medium-sized keyboard with full QWERTY layout and a built in mouse. The keyboard is off-white, witb a long bar that runs the length of they keyboard at the top with a black cord connecting to it.

Miniature computer keyboard with a built-in mouse, designed to be used with little or no hand movement and requires no strength.

FAVI FE01 Wireless USB Mini Keyboard w Mouse Touchpad, see description for more info

FAVI mini keyboard with Touchpad includes qwerty keyboard, multimedia hotkeys, d-pad, laser pointer and touchpad mouse.