Mouse Pointer

The arrow or other indicator of the mouse position can be hard to locate.

This accommodation increases the size of the pointer to make it easer to see.

Angled view of software box showing cover with a colorful drawing of a smiling mouse in a blue jacket with one arm around a smiling carrot.

A cursor and text caret locator program designed for use by individuals with low vision or limited attention.

Farfalla project logo.

Farfalla is the open source application that allows you to customize the reading and browsing of web pages.

Cursor with 4x magnification

Cursor 64 increases the mouse pointer to quad - not only the mouse arrow, but all other cursor shapes - that is, insertion marks in Word or the double arrow when zooming in or out.

IconArt drawing screen

'Icon Art' is a free computer that allows the user to create their own static or animated mouse arrows.

One large and one small, red mouse icon.

Replaces the standard mouse pointer with an extra-large and bold mouse pointer.

expanded ring around mouse pointer on computer screen

This package provides an expanded ring around the mouse pointer for users who have difficulty locating the pointer.

Biggy cursor options, including arrows, a text cursor (I-beam), and an emoji.

Biggies are large cursors for all programs.

Large, yellow rectangular software box with screen shot of MAGic software menu on cover.

A screen magnification and screen reading program for low vision computer users.