Mouse Pointer

Replaces the standard mouse cursor with alternatives that are larger, have contrasting borders, are more colorful, or that change shape and color to draw the eye.

Screenshot of three desktops with different screen resolutions, each one larger and more "zoomed in."

Sometimes the default resolution of a display features text that is too small for an individual to read comfortably or icons that are too small to discern. Most operating systems allow the device to emulate a lower (but not higher) resolution, producing larger-sized, easier-to-see graphics.

An open, silver-colored laptop with a section of the screen magnified.

Many devices and operating systems allow users to expand/magnify what is on the screen.

Large and colorful cursors and pointers.

Over 80 additional pointers and cursors for those with visual or perceptual difficulties.

Large, blue arrow curser.

Set of cursors that follow a consistent theme of being as large as the Windows operating system allows, while remaining balanced and usable.

Screenshot of a Windows Magnifier tab with a portion of the screen magnified.

Magnifier makes part or all of your screen bigger so you can see words and images better.

Computer device with mouse, keyboard and speaker.

With the GTX 32 everything can be displayed on the computer 1-32 times larger for people with visual difficulties. 

Menu options, including magnification, view, enhancements, modes, and more.

A screen magnifier and screen reader available in three versions. 

Screenshot of a text document featuring a section of the document magnified in a circle.

A full screen magnifying software for Windows.

IZOOM Magnifier/ Reader software screen shot with USB drive

iZoom Low Vision Screen Magnifier and Reader Standard is a software for low vision users who primarily use only one computer. iZoom reduces eye strain as well as helps users maintain better posture while using the computer. 

Large, yellow rectangular software box with screen shot of MAGic software menu on cover.

A screen magnification and screen reading program for low vision computer users.