Operability of Controls/Connections

Screenshot of Windows desktop with multiple windows open and pop outs magnifying two of the program's functions.

A multi-function, programmable, single-switch interface for Windows, offering a flexible means of independent control access to educational and productivity software, multimedia programs, and recreational activities.

Three desktop-sized microphone devices stacked on top of each other. The top one is black and saucer shaped, the middle one is white and has a slightly curved rectangular shape, and the bottom one is gray and has a long straight rectangular shape.

Array microphones that automatically locate and electronically steer toward the user when they talk, enabling the user to vocally dictate content to the computer.

Cutout photos of people dancing on a gray floor with a red brick wall behind them.

A switch friendly music program for special needs learners.

Large white, rectangular device with a dark gray face that has on and off buttons at the top left and right, two control dials near the top, and two port openings at the bottom.

An environmental control switch module for X10-based systems designed to switch any low voltage load for individuals with physical disabilities.

Screenshot of a purple control screen with a digital counter on top and a 2x3 grid of large orange control buttons in the middle.

A free, switch accessible CD player for Windows 95 onwards.

Screenshot of Minecraft software showing eye-controlled functions along the bottom of the screen.

A free, Windows-based program that enables people with severe physical disabilities to use their eyes to play Minecraft.

Large blue, orange, and red translucent cough drop shapes overlaid on each other.

A cross-platform, open-source augmentative and alternative communication app for people with complex communication needs.

Orange and yellow square with name of program at top and a round green switch on the lower left connected to a small square maze on the right.

Mazes - Switch Accessible are educational maze games designed to teach problem-solving, logical thinking, deductive reasoning, and spatial sense skills.

Red square with a wooden-looking puzzle board across the top and three cutouts connected to a large round yellow switch. A triangle-shaped piece is about to be placed into the puzzle board.

Switch Accessible Puzzles is a 3D puzzle matching app designed for children with various needs ages 2 and up.

A square image, diagonally split with blue on the bottom left triangle and pink on upper right triangle and the product name written in the middle.

Switch Accessible Matching concentrates on developing matching skills by incorporating matching activities in an arcade-style game using graphics and sounds.