Operability of Controls/Connections

A black and gray rectangular device with 12 keys on the front and a round knob below.

An embedded Jog & Shuttle control with programmable keys and addressable backlighting. Suitable for timeline navigation and editing control.

Picture of a woman sitting on a couch holding a tablet PC on her lap with her left hand and pointing to the screen with her right hand.

An unbreakable tablet PC for people with disabilities designed by for those who can discreetly indicate with their finger or hand but do not have the precision to use a standard keyboard or an ordinary tablet PC.

Screenshot showing a split screen, with an image of user's eyes on the left and an on-screen keyboard on the right.

Software that enables people with severe disabilities to control a computer mouse with only the movement of their pupil or blinking.

Software logo featuring a cartoon image of a smiling face on a computer mouse.

A mouse assistive device that adapts itself to the person’s movements, which makes it suitable for people with cerebral palsy and other motorial disabilities.

Picture of a teenage boy's head and shoulders blowing into a tube connected to an oblong black device.

An adaptive electronic wind instrument that enables people with disabilities to play music with only small movements of the head.

A black rectangular device with a black cord attached with USB attachment at the end.

Control any household element or device from your computer using an infrared learning system that works using a remote control.

7 suggestions with related icons, including, "Buttons that do stuff," "First Button," "Second Button," "Example touch targets," "Example text contrast," and "Another clickable button example."

A tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills. The users can just open the app they want to scan, then tap the Accessibility Scanner button to find items in the app that might benefit from accessibility improvements. 

On-screen keyboard featuring buttons to select with various words, including: he, hello, her, help, and hear.

Communication system enables physically challenged users to maintain communication, control their environment, and operate Windows applications with their eyes.  It offers either minimalistic and simple access to core functions or it provides functions to operate a PC as it would be done with touch, mouse, or keyboard.

A gray rectangular device with a square button on top. It is positioned between the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger pictured.

An ability switch inside a velcro strap that is wound around, for example, two fingers. It requires a small amount of pressure and a small range of motion.

A blue rectangular pad with a fold in the middle.

Ridge switch is a ridge-like ability switch that can be mounted to a bed, chair, pillow or duvet, etc. using clips or a velcro strap. It requires a small amount of pressure for activation.