PHYSICAL Operation related

Four black joysticks on black bases with cords on the end and menu options at the tops of the bases.

An attendant control system that allows the drive and actuator functions of a powerchair to be controlled from another location on the powerchair.

A round switch with a green surface, a black base, and a black cord attached to the base.

A switch that is suitable for a variety of uses such as operating switch-adapted toys.

A round switch with a green surface and a black base.

A wireless switch that uses radiofrequency to communicate with the host device and provides a reliable connection for switch activation. Two Freedom Switches can be used together for dual switch applications. 

Three round switches in yellow, green, and blue, each with black cords attached to a black base.

Switch suitable for any communication aid, toy, or environmental control that uses one or more single input switch.

Two round button switches, aligned diagonally, with a larger one to the left of the smaller one, and each with a cord extending out the back and a large C in the center.

A sensitive and durable assistive technology switch designed for everyday use.

A white rectangular device with 4 inputs, on/connected, charging, and low battery indicators.

A switch access interface device to provide for switch input to iPads and iPhones. 

A black and gray rectangular device with 12 keys on the front and a round knob below.

An embedded Jog & Shuttle control with programmable keys and addressable backlighting. Suitable for timeline navigation and editing control.

Drawing of a white rectangular input device outlined in black superimposed over a smartphone with a grid on it.

An app that enables users to control their Android device with a joystick, gamepad, keyboard, or switch.

Drawing of a white hand outlined in black with the index finger touches a smartphone with a grid on it.

An Android app that enables users to control their device with a single finger, even when they have dexterity problems.