Provides Alternate Key Layout

Various models of left-handed keyboards. They resemble standard keyboards, with the exception that the numeric keypad is on the left side. The letter keys on some models are slightly slanted 45 degrees (in rotation, not in height) for increased ergonomics. Two keyboards are grey with black keys; one is back; another is white.

Features the numeric keypad and other navigation/function keys on the left-hand side, allowing users to easily access all areas of the keyboard while operating the mouse with their right hand.

Various models of numeric keypads. They resemble a small calculator, but feature standard keyboard keys. One model has an additional column of page navigation keys on the left-hand side. Two models are silver; one is gold; and the fourth is black.

Add-on component for a computer/tablet that provides dedicated number keys as well as mathematical operation keys.

Various models of ergonomic split keyboards. These keyboards resemble standard models, except that they are split down the middle into two separate modules. Two models feature the modules connected close together but angled upwards and outwards. One device has the two modules connected, so that the device is essentially a standard keyboard. The fourth device has its two components separated wider apart. Three keyboards are black; the fourth is solid white. All devices have keys in contrasting colors.

A type of adjustable keyboard that allows users to customize the width, height, and angle of the keyboard.

A compact braille device.

The BRAILLEX Live 20 is the smallest of the BRAILLEX family of braille devices.

Slim keyboard with nine key slide out number pad

The Number Slide's retractable number pad slides out when you need it and away when you are finished.

A white keyboard with the number keypad on the left side.

The left-handed keyboard has 103 keys, including a multimedia key, and the numberpad positioned on the left side.

Keyboard split vertically from a pivot point to the top.

The Maxim for PC is a split keyboard with adjustable distance available between the two sections for comfort and convenience.

A black, rectangular handheld device with 14 braille cells and an 8-dot keyboard.

A portable braille computer designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind.

IntelliKeys USB keyboard with aphabet overlay inserted
This product has been discontinued (11/12/2017).

IntelliKeys is an intelligent, alternative keyboard that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer. 

A keyboard consisting of three distinct pieces and connected by a cable.

Ergonomic keyboard that can be separated up to 6' apart, It can also be rotated & tilted in order to allow users find their most comfortable position.