Provides Alternative Keyboard Layout

Large printout of United States, with states in different colors, a red plastic pouch on the upper left and a booklet with a map of the U.S. on the right.

A multi-sensory map of the United States for people who are visually impaired featuring a talking tactile pen, which serves as a "tour guide" that gives the user information about each location visited on the map via multiple layers of audio recordings. 

A medium-sized, black device resembling a Braille notetaker with a hinged cover that folds down. There is an LCD display panel at the top, and underneath it, there is a QWERTY keyboard and various menu buttons.

Electronic, voice-output dictionary designed to enhance language and vocabulary skills for sixth grade or older students with cognitive disability or speech impairment, or who are blind or have low vision.

Various models of one-handed keyboards. Two models are small and rectangular and feature twelve rows of letter keys, each with secondary functions marked at the bottom, which are activated using "shift" or other modifiers. Another model resembles a large, square, white box with a curved keyboard layout (accessible with only one hand) on the right side and numeric/function keys on the left. The fourth is similar to a standard keyboard, but the letters arranged in a circle. The fifth model is fan-shaped.

Designed to offer maximum efficiency for typists with the use of only hand or one digit.

Various models of left-handed keyboards. They resemble standard keyboards, with the exception that the numeric keypad is on the left side. The letter keys on some models are slightly slanted 45 degrees (in rotation, not in height) for increased ergonomics. Two keyboards are grey with black keys; one is back; another is white.

Features the numeric keypad and other navigation/function keys on the left-hand side, allowing users to easily access all areas of the keyboard while operating the mouse with their right hand.

Various models of numeric keypads. They resemble a small calculator, but feature standard keyboard keys. One model has an additional column of page navigation keys on the left-hand side. Two models are silver; one is gold; and the fourth is black.

Add-on component for a computer/tablet that provides dedicated number keys as well as mathematical operation keys.

Various models of ergonomic split keyboards. These keyboards resemble standard models, except that they are split down the middle into two separate modules. Two models feature the modules connected close together but angled upwards and outwards. One device has the two modules connected, so that the device is essentially a standard keyboard. The fourth device has its two components separated wider apart. Three keyboards are black; the fourth is solid white. All devices have keys in contrasting colors.

A type of adjustable keyboard that allows users to customize the width, height, and angle of the keyboard.

Braille keyboard with 40 Braille cells

VarioUltra is a braille display that supports multiple simultaneous connections to your computer and mobile devices via 1 USB and 4 channels of Bluetooth. 

Click4all logo

Click4all is a keyboard Programmable for PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

A compact braille device.

The BRAILLEX Live 20 is the smallest of the BRAILLEX family of braille devices.

Small blue braille keypad

Actilino is the compact note taker for blind users. 16 piece ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable every-day companion. In real time, Actilino displays information in Braille for tactile reading. Additionally, you get the speech output of the connected computer.