Replaces Visual Content with Audible or Tactile Equivalent

A slender, black rectangular device lined in gray around the edges with black braille keys at the bottom.

VarioPro 80 is equipped with 80 braille cells and thumb-operated roll bars that provide the user with uninterrupted reading and quicker orientation to the information that appears on the computer screen. New job functions can be added for use in the work environment. 

A flat, white rectangular device.

A 40-cell braille display for computer users in need of a compact, lightweight solution for use with computers at home, work, or school. Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it.

Google spelled out in blue, red, yellow, and green letters.

Feature to customize an Android device using accessibility settings and apps.

A mobile phone screen is featured in which a five-dollar bill is pictured under the camera tab, with text above that says 5 US Dollars. 

An Android app that uses computer vision to assist people who are blind or have low vision in gaining information about their surroundings. Lookout uses the camera and sensors on a user's device to recognize objects and text and then provides spoken feedback, earcons, and other signals to inform users about what it sees.

A user sits at a desk with a computer monitor and keyboard in front of him. The screen is black.

A text file reading system controlled by the keyboard and its interface, as the program responds to users through spoken messages. It is suitable for blind and visually impaired users.

A white screen with black text inside a gray box with menu options at the bottom.
A program designed to have an automated system convert text files to mp3 to play on an mp3 player. Designed for people with visual difficulties to have an easy system to convert a book or document text to voice. 
Logo that reads Projecte Fressa in red and green with the year 2019 below it.

A program that reproduces a sound when clicking the mouse. It can help students with many visual and cognitive problems so that they become aware of when they touch the touchscreen.

Product logo, featuring a yellow rectangle with several smaller red squares on top, with the word "2000" in bold black font beneath.

A comprehensive tool for producing, sharing, and translating braille.

A white keyboard with gray keys and a blue screen above the keys.

A voice/typewriter device that helps users communicate and control surroundings.

A bright green software box with the words "PharmaBraille" at the top in black font and white circle graphics meant to represent Braille dots below.

Braille translation program designed to produce braille medication labels for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.